SnowEX Salt Spreader SP65


SnowEX Salt Spreader SP65

Walk Behind Salt Spreader – SnowEx Reduce Slip and fall claims with a SnowEx walk behind salt spreader! Ideal for walkways, footpaths, forecourts and smaller yards, these spreaders are built tough to withstand the harsh North American winters. Manufactured from durable polyethene and in a bright yellow they will not rust and are lighter in weight than steel equivalents. With a 47 litre capacity and with a spread with up to 6m a SnowEx walk behind salt spreader is a perfect tool for your pedestrian winter management programmes!


The SP-65 is the entry-level SnowEx pedestrian spreader, ideal for the private user or small commercial application. Ideal for spreading dry, free-flowing white salt. Features -

  • ideal for domestic or light industrial user
  • top screen to prevent larger chunks from entering hopper
  • adjustable flow gate
  • for spreading of free-flowing materials
  • 47 litre capacity
  • up to 6m spread width
  • Capacity up to 100lbs rock salt
  • Spreading width 20ft
  • Weight 25lbs empty